How to wire a panic alarm or hold up device?

How to wire a panic alarm or hold up device?

Panic alarm or hold up device is a popular intruder alarm detector. Hold up device activate the alarm condition. A holdup or panic alarm should be wired in accordance to PD 6662 and with BS 4737, BS 6799 and BS 7042.

The panic alarm is a well-known detector which is used in an emergency. It sends a confirmed signal to ARC for police response.

It comes in different alarm grades. Once you have established the correct grade of the intruder alarm system in accordance with BS50131, then you can buy the correct type of panic alarm device. (For example, grade 1, 2 or 3)

It comes in different types, for example, single push, double push and electronic. Alarm system higher than grade 2 option B will require a double push panic alarm.

Let’s look at a double push panic alarm wiring.

  • All alarm cables should be wired in accordance with BS5131 and PD6662:2010.
  • Set the jumper switch to normal close.
  • Select the correct resistance level for EOL and contacts. (This resistance level can be obtained from panel manufacturer)
  • Select your circuit type (Normal open or normally closed)

Hard wiring of the panic alarm

  1. Wire your alarm cable to contact and EOL terminals.
  2. Change zone type as PA or Silent PA.









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