What is IP CCTV?

Mega pixel or IP cameras

There are lot of talks about IP CCTV, but it seems like we have lot of questions about IP CCTV. Is IP going to take over the CCTV market? Are we going use NVR’s instead of DVR’s? Is this going to be the end for analogue cameras?

We should first understand about IP to forecast what is going to happen to CCTV industry in near future. IP stands for internet protocol.  Internet Protocol is how the data is sent in internet. Data is put into a packet and send to the receiver device in small packets. But when they receive at the destination they may not reach in the same order that they were sent. It is then up to TCP to sort them in the right order. In an IP camera data is sent in the same way, what makes an IP camera differ from the rest of the analogue cameras is the resolution.

IP cameras are also known as megapixel cameras. Often mage pixel cameras give resolution at least three times more than a normal analogue camera and this is what makes them more desirable. In an analogue camera, by recording at D1 you can get 720×576. In IP Mega pixel camera you can get 1280×720 with 720p camera. The ability to see wider and clearer are main characteristic of IP cameras. I am sure you would have heard 1080p TV, this is full HD. Imagine that if your CCTV camera can give you the same, an IP megapixel cameras can give high resolution or pixels.


A conventional CCTV camera can provide 720×576 (PAL) at D1 resolution. When the demand is great for identification, it is advisable to use Mega pixel cameras. CCTV operational requirements manual by home office gives guidelines for CCTV camera selection and resolution. According to the recently published home office report it is unrealistic to identify an object or individual using 2CIF, CIF or QCIF resolution. It this case, it is highly recommended to use a IP HD camera which will give 720p. But there are places where you need CCTV system for observation or monitoring purpose and analogue cameras are the perfect choice.

In conclusion, IP Mega pixel cameras are the best to use for identification purpose. Why not check out our CCTV installation course start dates and details


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