What is Hybrid CCTV DVR!

What is Hybrid CCTV DVR! 

Hybrid CCTV DVR provides the facility to record analogue and digital IP cameras in to one recording device and work as one system. For example if a customer has a CCTV system with number of analogue cameras and now he is looking to expand it by adding some high resolution IP cameras, you do not have to change all analogue cameras, instead you can add high resolution IP cameras to the existing system and change the DVR to hybrid DVR. This will save the cost of changing the entire system.

Setbacks in Hybrid CCTV DVR 

As it may sound like the perfect solution for customers who want to upgrade to IP, there are also some setbacks.

  1. Compatibility – If you buy IP cameras and hybrid system from two different places, chances are there that they are not compatible to each others. For example, Axis is a good quality IP camera manufacture, but you decide to buy cheaper hybrid system to fit customer’s budget. In this case, you have to make sure that your hybrid system supports Axis IP cameras.
  2. Most of the Hybrid system is the market gives 12.5 fps recording. If you are looking for high quality video footage, can you settle with 12.5fps? Busy places such as cash till areas in super markets, ticket office at railway stations, bus stops and etc, you may need more than 12.5fps.
  3. Once you load the system to its maximum with IP and analogue CCTV cameras, you may struggle to get 12.5fps in all channels. As many hybrid system in the market provides 2 or 4 channels with highest fps recording facility and rest of them with less than 7 fps.
  4. Hybrid system can’t offer the benefit of recoding as iSCSI (Storage), where else IP cameras does offer this feature. In this case, this will become pointless.

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