What is HD-SDI CCTV?

What is HD-SDI CCTV?

Higher Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) is fairly new technology used in CCTV cameras. HD-SDI CCTV cameras bring detailed high definition video footage to analog the world. As this is an analog technology, installation and maintenance of the CCTV system works similar to conventional analog cameras.

HD-SDI cameras require HD-SDI dvr’s, but most of the HD-SDI dvr’s can be connected with normal analog cameras. Below are some of the HD-SDI camera system’s features.

  1. It is easy to install –

HD-SDI cctv system uses ordinary coax cable, therefore it is very simple and straight forward installation, if you are replacing old cameras it makes it easy to use the existing cabling. But it requires quality coax cable; your cable should have at least 95% copper braided shield.

  1. Distance: If you are covering a large distance then HD-SDI works well. It can give you almost 400 m cable run. It requires BNC connection, so it is easy to install them.

The bad news is, if you have thinner pre-made cables or aluminum foil shield and the silver braid, this will not work.

  1. Easy for installers/engineers –

Most of the HD-SDI dvr’s use same software as analog dvr’s, therefore it is easy to understand them.

  1. Cost effective –

The price bracket for HD-SDI CCTV system is very reasonable. For example Cube HD dome 25mIR 3.6mm cost £55.00 + VAT

  1. Amazing picture quality –

HD-SDI cameras gives you amazing quality pictures, even in dark conditions. Please check our youtube video quality for a demo.

  1. Real-time recording –

Our HD-SDI cctv system records at 25fps at 720p resolution.

  1. Graphical user interface –

Our new range of HD-SDI CCTV systems give immaculate network and mobile viewing facility.