What is Dualcom and BT lines in alarm signalling?


  • What is Dualcom and BT lines in alarm signalling?


Many of us know that we have to connect our alarm panels via BT redcare or Dualcom to signal to an alarm receiving centre. You may have come a cross BT redcare and Dualcom, but we know little about BT redcare and dual com or struggle to understand how these communication units. This article explains about BT redcare and Dualcom and their advantages and disadvantages.



  • What is BT redcare sensor?


BT redcare is the largest supplier of alarm signalling device in the UK. In general commercial premises require constant monitoring for fire and theft. There are many alarm receiving centres that offer monitoring services in the UK and they use a centralised system to monitor alarm signals. BT redcare communicators are compatible to many ARC centre systems. Once you have an alarm system installed, if you are required to connect it to an ARC then you can connect it via BT redcare communication unit and based on your alarm system grade, you should decide which type of BT redcare to use. BT redcare offers four types of services

Intruder alarm installation









  1. Classic – One of their most popular service.
  2. GSM – Which provide dual path communication.
  3. Secure – One of the most secure path for grade 2, 3 and 4 systems.
  4. Roaming sim – For any mobile application
  5. Fire – Grade 4 protection against any accidental fire.



  • What is dualcom?


Dualcom is one of UK’s leading alarm signalling provider. As the same as BT Redcare, dualcom offers variety of signalling services. Dualcom is one of the market leader’s in providing GSM connectivity and normal telephone line connection, hence it being called dualcom. They provide a signal piece of equipment that supports any alarm grades, this means that engineers have to learn how to install one piece of equipment regardless of the alarm grade.

As for its simplicity and user friendliness, dualcom is one of UK’s leading brand in alarm signalling.

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