Using Fiber-optic cables for CCTV installation

Using Fiber-optic cables for CCTV installation

What is Fiber-optic cable?

fiber optic cable is a network cable made of strands of glass fibers covered by insulated casing. Fiber-optic is an ideal cable to use for a long distance data transmission with high bandwidth. 

Why should I use Fiber-optic in CCTV application?

Fiber-optic cable can carry large files, this allow us to easily send higher definition CCTV video footages. And fiber-optic cable can take the signal for a long distance, the above mentioned factors have made fiber-optic very attractive to CCTV installers.

How to use fiber-optic in CCTV?

Using two strand fiber-optic cable can be less expensive in CCTV application, run fiber-optic cable between camera and recorder. By using a fiber-optic circuit switch, this will transmit serial bit stream as a single wavelength down a fiber optic cable. On the other end of the channel, serial bit stream will be deserializer to original parallel signal.

There are many companies manufacturer fiber-optic switch, AMG UK is one of the leading CCTV and data transmission equipment provider.