Andrew: Before I came to the CCTV course, I’d had some experience in internet security. However, I did not have much real life experience in physical security and access control; that’s why I was attracted to do this course. The greatest thing about this course is that it has provided me with real experience and I’ve built up my confidence.

Veaceslav Cubani: I worked in security installation before I came to the CCTV course. I’d already known a lot about the stuff. However, I needed a certificate because I wanted to get a new job and I also wanted to do IP. Was the training a success? Well, I  work for British Transport. My job is installing cameras. I am pretty much satisfied with the results.

Naveed: Thanks to Ferdinand for brilliant training for CCTV installation, really useful and recommend this further.



Daniel Dailey

I found every part of the course valuable, best of all wiring of CCTV systems.

Kevin Hounslow

Everything about the course was valuable

Louie Sheedy

I enjoyed all subjects and


Oke E. KolawoleI am a computer analyst but when I came to the course, my knowledge of CCTV technology was close nothing. I came to the training because I want to start a business in Nigeria. I really liked the practical and interactive way of delivery during the lessons. Now I have got a good understanding of CCTV systems which I am satisfied with.

Reino De VilliersI just wanted to drop you an email showing my appreciation for the training over the weekend. I can say with 100% confidence that I walked away from your course knowing that I’ll be able to install and commission a CCTV system. I really look forward to the work experience being arranged. I will definitely be in contact for your other courses and will advertise these to others.


Chris Hooper: “I did 3 days course with F R Joseph Anton Limited in Intruder alarm and CCTV course to the standard of BS50131 & BS50132-7, now I have set up my own security business. Many thanks to Mr Ferdinand Anton
Chris Hooper – Alarm Engineer
CH Alarms – Bristol