PTZ camera installation

PTZ configuration

PZ camera installationWe have looked into PTZ cameras in our previous article. Let us see how to install a PTZ camera. PTZ cameras are not same as normal cameras you will go through different phrases in installing a PTZ camera. An ordinary CCTV camera will carry video and power where else PTZ needs an extra functionality of handling data.


Types of PTZ

PTZ cameras are normally classified by their optical zooming ability. You will find 10X, 18X, 27X, 32X & 36X and 36X optical zooming PTZ camera can see an object at a distance of 500 yards. You will also find mini PTZ, infrared PTZ, auto tracking PTZ, progressive scan PTZ and many more in security market.

How can I install a PTZ?

Installing a PTZ can be quite time consuming work. Let us look into the phrases involved in installing and configuring a PTZ camera.

1. Establishing the connection between PTZ and controller/DVR

First you need to decide how you will connect PTZ to your CCTV system. There are two ways to do this. You can use a PTZ joystick to control PTZ or you can use your DVR. If you about to use your DVR, you need to set baud rate. Baud rate of your DVR and PTZ should be matched and this will enable your DVR to communicate with PTZ.

As PTZ needs data, RS-485 connection is widely used. You will connect PTZ with DVR via RS-485 port or RS-232. Make sure that you connect A with A and B with B. PTZ manual will have further instructions about these connections. If your DVR does not provide you this option, you can use a joystick.

Once it’s connected, data will be sent from DVR to PTZ. You can control the PTZ via your DVR and this will be a cheaper option. In most DVR’s PTZ function is embedded in its operating system or software but I would advise you to check it before you start the process.

If you are using a PC based system, you will have quite different issues to tackle. You may not have a serial port in your PC’s motherboard. In this case buy a PCI RS485 port card or USB to serial adapter and connect them to PTZ.

Connecting PTZ video to DVR

Connect video by RG59 for twisted cable when using a twisted cable pay more attention to video interference issues. If you are using twisted cable, use video balun to connect video signals to DVR BNC.

Power the PTZ

Old type PTZ may require 24AC and you will find 12AC in security markets. It is advised that you always use the right power supplies with correct current. In most cases PTZ requires 1-2A power supply.

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    how to connect ptz camera joy stick key board on stand alone dvr

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      On a standalone DVR, you should check whether the DVR has embedded PTZ software, then change Baudrate and protocol to match with your PTZ.

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    Hi…please forward a free e-book on how to install ptz cameras etc,

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