PoE switch and PoE camera

PoE switch and PoE camera

In modern CCTV systems, many of us started to use IP cameras with high resolution. When it comes to powering these cameras often we use PoE switches. There are many PoE switches available in the market and it is quite confusing to select the right switch. If it is a matter of running a CAT5 cable from each cameras to PoE switch and powering the PoE switch, it will not require any complicated calculation to find out which is the best switch to use. By buying the best brand or most trusted brand, you can be guaranteed to be in safe place.

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But this is not simple as just buying the best, it is more about buying the best for your CCTV application. To begin with, we should see some of the PoE cameras and their power consumption.

Lets take D-link outdoor full HD mini fixed dome camera, this is a 2m pixel progressive scanning CMOS sensor camera. In this article we will be discussing only about the power consumption and if you need more details about cameras other features, please refer to our article index page. As far as the power is concerned, this requires 7.8 watt. In ZyXel ES-2108 you get 7.8 watt per port with 8 ports and since your camera requires 7.8 watt, it may not be the right switch in terms of power. Where else if you decided to buy ZyXel ES-2108PWR, it gives 132.1 watt. When compared with ES-2108, ES-2108PWR will be the most suitable one to use.

Cisco have introduced an enhanced PoE switch, this uses CISCO discovery protocol (CPD) to auto negotiate power level if it exceeds 15.4w per port. This can be a useful feature to power PoE cameras.

In summary, when buying a PoE switch, extra care should be taken to ensure your switch will have no problems in providing power to your cameras.

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