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Course duration: 3 days (10am – 4pm), Course fee: £564.00 (All inclusive)

This course is accredited by

Are you thinking of starting a new career in CCTV installation? We offer more than that! CCTV installation training

We at Cube Training are a CCTV installation company which has been present in the CCTV installation market since 2006. We have installed CCTV systems in local shops, supermarkets, office buildings, industrial places, dwellings and more.

We also have been educating keen people who are interested in CCTV installation training since 2010. As of 2017, we have trained many students in CCTV installation courses, this includes private companies, local government agencies, foreign companies and many more organisations.

CCTV Installation Courses – “Unlock your earning potential”


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What makes us unique in the CCTV installation training industry?

We understand the CCTV market very well and we keep updated with current trends which enable us to deliver the most updated version of CCTV installation training. We are excited to share some of our past student’s testimonials. We not only train students in installing and maintaining CCTV, we also understand many of you need market expertise to be a successful CCTV installer or to start a new career in CCTV installation, therefore we provide a free consultation on marketing and other business support services. (Please speak to one of our course consultants to know more about this service)

We offer a highly practical

CCTV installation course

Practice makes perfect and we understand nothing works better than a practical session. Our course is 85% practical and you will practice on CCTV system designing, CCTV installation, commissioning, and maintenance. All these areas require practice, practice, practice and more practice and our course is designed to provide you with the maximum access time to all the tools, cameras, DVRs, IR lights, etc.

cctv installation course

Picture left – CCTV Installation Course students We have trained many students on our CCTV Installation Course.

To ensure this and the undivided attention of the trainers, only maximum six participants are taken on the course. Let’s see what the course is all about, shall we?

Cube presents:

CCTV Installation & Maintenance Course

Code: C3529

Cube Award in CCTV Installation – level 3

Accredited by NCFE


This course covers areas of CCTV installation training with DVR IP setting, PTZ installation, CAT5 in CCTV and many other important aspects of CCTV installation. At the successful completion of the CCTV installation training course, you will be able to install and maintain CCTV systems with remote viewing facility for small and medium size projects.

You will be awarded a highly recognised certificate at the end of this course.

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What will I get at the end of course?

You will be awarded a Cube award in CCTV installation – level 3, this certificate will briefly highlight all areas which you have covered on the course. We are very proud that our customised Award in CCTV installation – level 3 is verified and awarded by NCFE.

Our course has been accredited by NCFE, an awarding organisation recognised by the qualification regulators for England and Wales. NCFE’s regulators are the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) in England, Qualification Wales and CCEA regulations. This course isn’t regulated by Ofqual but has been accredited by NCFE as a Customised Award.

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What is NCFE?

NCFE approved course

NCFE is a national, educational awarding organisation that designs, develops, and certificates nationally recognised qualifications and awards – as well as accrediting customised qualifications developed by third parties and private training institutions. It is a registered educational charity that has been passionately dedicated to learning for over 150 years.

NCFE is recognised as an awarding organisation by the qualification regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, including Ofqual, the Welsh government, and the CCEA in Northern Ireland.

CCTV Installation Training



The course is designed for anyone who has a desire to pursue a career in the CCTV industry. However, you are expected to have basic skills in numeracy, experience in using power tools and basic understanding of workplace health and safety (Ideally level 2 health and safety at work place).

Have you got a desire? Read on then as the course requires no former studies or qualifications.

What does the course cover?

Our Award in CCTV Installation covers the following areas:

FIVE compulsory units must be completed by all students

Unit 1 Introduction to CCTV

  • Introduction to CCTV installation

  • CCTV Video signals (H 264, Mpeg 2)

  • Cabling and connectors (CAT5, CAT6 & Coax)

  • Crimping BNC, CAT5 & keystone connectors

  • Video transmission (analogue to digital, megapixel cameras)

  • Assembling a CCTV system Troubleshooting using CCTV tester

Unit 2 Electrical and CCTV installation

  • How to design a cable run

  • Introduction to Ohm’s law

  • How to choose the right type of cable

  • Installing CCTV cameras with RG59 & CAT5

  • Installing CCTV power supplies

  • Using electrical tools

Unit 3 – CCTV system designing

  • Introduction to recording resolution, frames per second & lens sizes

  • How to calculate field of view (Selecting the correct types of lens size, recording resolution and configuring frames per second)

  • Digital CCTV storage and lighting (DVR storage calculator, Illumination and camera sensitivity in CCTV)

  • PTZ camera installation (Protocols, baud rate in PTZ

  • Installing camera housing for bigger projects with power

Unit 4 – Practical wiring of CCTV system

  • Running cables for a CCTV system (CAT5 & coaxial)

  • Installing passive and active balun for long CCTV cable run

  • Running shotgun cable and use of cable pulling tips and techniques

  • Installing junction boxes

Unit – 5 Networking in CCTV

  • Remote access and mobile app viewing

  • Local area networking and wider are network

  • Assigning a local area IP address to a DVR via DHCP

  • Techniques used in assigning a unique and static local IP address to a DVR

  • Private and public IP address

  • TCP and IP setting
  • Mobile phone view through P2P

Successful completion of the course leads to a level 3 award in CCTV Installation awarded by NCFE.

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Assessment criteria’s

The overall pass mark is 60% for assessment and written exam.

As this is a level 3 qualification, you are required to sit for a short answer written the exam and a practical test. You must score more than 60% to pass the course.

If you fail at your first attempt, you may be given up to two more opportunities to pass it through a reassessment of failed units at the next assessment period. These opportunities to retrieve an initial failure take place at certain times designated by the centre.

And if you fail in both attempts, you must re-take the entire course and pay the full fee.

  • Can I appeal against the decision of the assessment board?

Yes, you can submit an appeal if you think:

  • There has been an error or irregularity in the assessment process
  • That the decision is not in accordance with the approved assessment regulations

Click here for appeal procedures (Please note this page is password protected. Please use password 2121.

Read some of our students’ testimonials:


I Constantin work for a leading security company in London. My sincere thanks go to Ferdinand and Cube Training. The hands-on training, well-recognised certificate & after training supports were outstanding. I will definitely recommend Cube Training. 

I am a satellite installer. I came to Cube Group Ltd to learn CCTV and to get a certificate. I was highly interested in CCTV; I felt it was related to what I was doing.

I wanted to get certified in CCTV as I’d had an experience with the police before: I was once stopped when I was installing a satellite so I had to show them my certificate.

CCTV Installation Training

When I came to the CCTV Installation Course, I had already known a little bit of CCTV. During the course, however, I had a great overview of the field and I got my certificate too. Moreover, I have started my own company (Vision Satellite) and now I install both satellites and CCTVs.


I worked in security installation before I came to the CCTV course. I’d already known a lot about the stuff. However, I needed a certificate because I wanted to get a new job and I also wanted to do IP.

Was the training a success? Well, I work for British Transport now. My job is installing cameras. I am pretty much satisfied with the results.

Veaceslav Cubani

‘I would Like to thank Ferdinand for his support and sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge In CCTV Security Systems, I am an Ex-Police officer with no DIY background at all, however the course has given me greatest insight within the CCTV Sector, which has added to my portfolio of Security and Law Enforcement experience, the course was very enjoyable and now I have the ability to fit and Install CCTV with no hesitations, I recommend choosing Cube Group Ltd as they are the leading experts when it comes to Electronic Security Systems in the UK Market, Best wishes’. –

Jaspal Lall – CEO (Ex-Police Officer)

J S Global Security Solutions Ltd


CCTV installation course

How about finding a job after the course?

This is weighty matter, isn’t it? We, at Cube, have created a bonus module integrated into our CCTV Installation Course. This module helps you to prepare yourself for electronic security installation market.


This module teaches you:

  • How to apply for a job
    • Places to look for in finding CCTV jobs
    • Writing your CV
    • Presenting yourself at job interviews
  • How to find work for yourself
    • Using online directories to get leads
    • Promotions
    • Asking for referrals

And this is not all! We provide more!

We are in connection with more than 40 Companies

Cube is in connection with over 40 companies and firms within the industry. We regularly update our course contents in line with current market demand.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on learners satisfaction.

In summary

  • You get an in-depth practical course from a company that practices what they teach
  • You are provided with an invaluable bonus module that arms you with the knowledge to find a job or find work for yourself
  • We share information about quality CCTV suppliers

How about fees, course length and the number of participants?

Course fee: £564 (All inclusive)

Course Length: 3 DAYS (10am to 4pm)






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This schedule is subject to change. Changes, if necessary, will be posted on this website. Please check with our booking team before making any arrangements.


(Course are normally conducted from Friday to Sunday 10 am to 4 pm. If you opt for a week day course, please call us on 0333 006 4005 )


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