Online CCTV installation Course – Cube Training

Online CCTV installation Course – Cube Training

Electronic security surveillance is all about using technology to make the world a better place.

This online CCTV installation course provides a solid understanding to those who are looking to start a new career in CCTV installation. Our primary goal is to teach you the best practices in installing and maintaining a CCTV system.

If you have already installed a DIY CCTV system or have a small project to start, this course will help you to gain a solid understanding of CCTV installation. This course will help you to shape your career path to pursue a career in CCTV installation.

This course shares some successful techniques used by CCTV engineers. You will also be introduced to some useful tools to use in CCTV installation.

The course is divided into three sections

In Cube’s online CCTV installation course, the first section introduces you to the CCTV trade. Topics include the history of CCTV, where CCTV was used, different types of video formats, analogue vs IP, power supplies, cables and electrical theory.

The second section of the course focuses on what constitutes a CCTV system, video camera wiring, storage servers and tools used. This section explains the installation procedures and storage techniques for CCTV components such as digital video recorders, network video recorders and cameras.

The final section of the course covers the CCTV system drawings and test equipment used in the trade. Some of this test equipment includes CCTV testers, ammeters, galvanometers, voltmeters, and multi-meters.


Course format

This course has been designed for independent study. It includes all of the materials you will need to understand the concepts covered in this subject. The materials in this course include:

  • Lecture videos taught by Ferdinand Joseph

  • PowerPoint presentation

  • Case studies

  • Homework assignments and additional exercises

  • Quizzes and exams with solutions

Cube’s free course will be of great interest to professionals in the areas of construction and electrical engineering. Learners who want to gain a practical knowledge and understanding of the CCTV installation trade would also benefit from the concepts explained in this course.

Learning outcomes

Having completed Cube’s free CCTV installation course you will be able to:

– Discuss the significance of the CCTV installation trade in today’s times;

– Describe the basic CCTV wiring system in residential and small commercial projects;

– State the hazards involved in working with electrical power;

– List the various types of CCTV components used in CCTV installations;

– Summarize what is meant by recording resolution, lens theory, storage and wiring;

– Identify the CCTV plans and drawings;

– Explain the uses of test equipment such as CCTV tester, ammeter, galvanometer, voltmeter, ohmmeter, and multimeter.