Latest In CCTV Technology

Latest In CCTV Technology

CCTV is not a strange device for we Brits, we have the most number of CCTV in Europe. There are almost 2 million CCTV cameras in the UK and a national database for automated numberplate recognition, currently has 17 billion CCTV video footages.

Few years back, CCTV video footages were stored using standard VHS cassettes and CCTV operators were busy labelling these cassettes and storing them.

Digital CCTV systems

Nowadays, many CCTV systems are digital and very rarely you will come across a conventional type CCTV system. Digital CCTV systems can be recorded as digital data in a digital storage device, this enables data to be recorded for a long duration.

Data search and analysis

Digital CCTV system revolutionised the way we use CCTV, data can be searched fast and it can also be transmitted via digital communication tunnels. For example CCTV video footages can be transmitted via broadband, VPN, leased lines and etc.

Higher definition cameras

Latest addition to digital video surveillance system is HD quality CCTV footage, which is another significant improvement to digital video surveillance systems. This eliminates most of the common complains by CCTV users in terms of the quality of the video footage’s.

We often hear police complaining about the playback quality of the CCTV systems. But HD quality CCTV systems can produce full and half HD quality play back, this allows police to have a clear video footage.

CCTV software advancement

This is not all, latest CCTV software helps the user to perform complex analytical tasks by clicking a button. For example, in a crowded place like airport it is not easy to monitor unattended luggage’s and parcels. Thanks to latest technology, the software can help you to identify unattended articles. It’s cuts out the tedious human effort of monitoring large numbers of screens  therefore human resources can be better spend.

In some places you may want to monitor traffic directions, now this can be done via softwares. Any vehicle approach via wrong direction can be identified via these softwares. Automatic number plate recognition is another good example of analytical CCTV software capability.

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