IP CCTV cameras

IP CCTV cameras

Everyone is talking about IP CCTV cameras and what does this really means? This may be a common question that many of us have. We all love to protect our loved ones and belongings with high tech security equipments. IP CCTV cameras certainly look like they can deliver this. Why IP CCTV cameras? Why can’t we use normal analogue cameras?

Well the answer is not that simple. First we need to understand what is an IP CCTV system or IP CCTV cameras. IP CCTV cameras use IP to send and receive data. Data can be instructions or video footage. We use IP a lot in our day to day life but we do not realise it.

Below are some statistic about UK broadband services and users. There are around 12.8 million Internet users and 68% of small businesses have internet access. UK’s average broadband speed is 6.7Mbps or above. UK government has strong determination to have super fast broadband by 2015, all this means that we will have faster internet access and many more electrical equipments being connected to internet.

Countries like Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka are not far behind UK and all this is good news for IP CCTV. IP CCTV cameras capture the video footage in digital form and transmit them via internet. In normal analogue cameras, footages are captured in analogue and then converted into digital. When this conversion happens, they compromise quality of those captured data. This leaves crystal clear video footages. You are less likely to come across problems such as, can’t see clear image or blurry pictures.

CCTV footages captured using IP CCTV cameras are often used in video forensic. IP CCTV can also transmit audio and they are useful in smaller application such as video conferencing, online tutoring and many more.

There are many advantages in IP CCTV cameras but why don’t we see IP CCTV cameras often?

The main reason is cost, IP CCTV cameras are expensive than analogue cameras. IP CCTV cameras cost almost four times of analogue cameras.

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IP CCTV cameras