Intruder Alarm Installers

What are the factors to consider before requesting for an Intruder Alarm Installation Quote from an installer?

Installing an Intruder alarm gives peace of mind to many homeowners. When you want to secure your belongings and loved ones, intruder alarm is a popular choice. But, often it is not easy as it seems like, there are so many questions come to you. What system to buy and how to select the right installers, how to I make sure it is a wise investment and etc. We have tried to answer most often asked questions.

What is an intruder alarm?

Intruder alarm is a security system which consists of a panel, detectors along with sounders. This can linked to an alarm receiving centre (ARC) or any preferred receiver. Once the system is set, as soon as detectors detect any movements it will alert the panel and the panel will send signals to pre-programmed destinations, this can be an ARC or your personal devices such as mobile phones, emails and other communicating mediums.

Do I really need an alarm system?

You should conduct a comprehensive survey before deciding to install an intruder alarm system. You should not include cost as a major factor, because investing couple of hundreds can protect and save your belongings and loved ones.

Wired or wireless alarm system?

Major confusion in intruder alarm system is to decide wired or wireless systems. Wireless systems are cheaper to go with, but you should consider certain factors such as how easy it is for someone to tamper your wireless signals and the durability of wireless detectors and etc.

There are several definite advantages with wireless intruder alarm system. It is easy to install and you do not have to worry about drilling or running wires. As this market is getting crowded, there are many cheaper systems available in the market, therefore cost effective solution.

However, there are numerous serious drawbacks in wireless alarm system. If there are many obstructions wireless intruder alarm system may find difficulties in sending and receiving signals. Also, it may be subjected interferences caused by other electronic devices. On regard to security, it is more vulnerable than wired system. Also, after sometimes you should start worrying about detector’s batteries. It is advised that you have a maintenance contract in place to tackle some of the above mentioned issues.

Wired systems are simple wired technology, more reliable and accurate. Many intruder alarm installers prefer installing wireless as it demands less labour hours. Wired intruder alarm system certainly need more labour hours and experience alarm installer. There are many types of wiring and installer should decide the appropriate wiring. For example, you can loop detectors and no need to run individual wires to every single detector, by doing this installation will looks tidy and works well. An experienced installer will be able to advise you the better options in running wires.

How much it is cost?

It is obvious that wired intruder alarm system will cost more as it involves more labour hours, but it depends on the shape of your property and various other factors. If it is not difficult to run and hide wires and required less labour hours, it may cost almost same as wireless. It is advised that you get quotes for wired and wireless.

How to select the right Intruder Alarm Installer?

In the UK there are two main governing bodies for security product installation. They are NSI and SSIAB. You can check whether your
installer in registered with either of the organisation. These organisations will visit alarm installer projects and perform certain checks before they grand membership. Also, there are other governing bodies such as safe trader and etc, but above mentioned ones are more specific to alarm installation.

Do I need an intruder alarm maintenance contract?

Yes, it is worth to have a maintenance contract in place. These intruder alarm maintenance contracts do not cost a lot. You will normally get free visit included in the annual charge and any extra visits may occur charges.

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