Intruder Alarm Installers – How to Find an Alarm Installer?

Intruder Alarm Installers

Alarm industry was regulated by British Standard 4737, 7042 and BS 6799 wireless system and now this has been replaced with BSEN 50131. There are two main governing bodies which govern all installation process and police will only accept firms which are registered with these governing bodies.

  • National Approval Council for Security Systems
  • Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board

There are many private alarm installers installing wireless DIY kits. The only wireless kit which compliance both British Standards and the ACPO Intruder Alarm Policy is BS6799 Class VI alarm and these systems are not cheap. There are many Alarm DIY kits in your local stores advertises as British Standard but they are referring to electrical standard not alarm standard.

Installing an intruder alarm installers system compliance with relevant standard may cost you more but it will meets all requirement set by European standard, normally these systems are hardcore wire system.

How to identify an approved alarm installer?

In selecting your alarm installer, below are some of the common questions to be asked and tasks to be performed.

  • You should find out more about company address and credentials of the company.
  • Try to get at least three written quotations from local alarm installers and check if the quotation specify alarm standards and particulars about maintenance contract.
  • Does the company provide emergency 24 hours call out service with 4 hours response time.
  • You should also check the person represents the company has some identity to proof that he works for the company and prior to his visit, company should provide you information about the engineer.
  • Check alarm governing bodies’ website (SSIAB, NSI) to find out if the company is registered. You can simply enter the postcode of the company and see all registered alarm installer.
  • Try to call your insurance company and ask if the company is acceptable by them.
  • Can the company provide written confirmation that they are acceptable by the local police station for any alarm message transmission?

How to identify a bogus alarm installer?

  • Company has no office or 24 customer service lines.
  • No written quotations were produced and never mentioned any alarm standards.
  • Company install common wireless DIY kit and has no information about alarm standards or grades/class of the system.
  • No track records
  • Not willing to connect to a police response and gives many good reasons for doing it.
  • No maintenance contracts or agreements.
  • Not a member any of above mentioned governing bodies.


This is a very complex subject to discuss, however it is worth to conduct good investigation before you select your alarm installer.