Intruder Alarm Installation Training – EOL

Intruder Alarm Installation Training

As an intruder alarm installer you may be having some difficulties to understand EOL wiring, below article briefly explain double resistor at the end of the line.

In an alarm installation, End of line resistors are installed at the end of a loop. When detectors are looped in one zone, end of the line resistor will monitor the current through the loop. If a malfunction or detect happens, it will send an alert to panel.

Installing EOL resistor

Step 1 – Remember to turn off the panel and disconnect battery.

Step 2 – Locate zone terminals in panel, these are screws which will have alarm and comm or temper and alarm. Place EOL resistors in every unused zones, check resistor values with your panel manual and use the correct value.

Step 3 – Locate the last station of the loop and place the EOL resistor. Take zone connector to NC and put one end of the EOL under the C terminal. Put the wire that goes to the system terminal and the other end of the EOL on the EOL terminal.

Step 4 – Reconnect the battery and main power.

Step 5 – Set the zone parameters.