How to quote for a CCTV job?

How to quote for a CCTV job?

Designing a CCTV system is like designing any other systems. Different installation companies will have different methods in quoting for a job. However, the below guidelines will help to you understand more about your project and quote correctly.

Hand drawing is the best and easy way to understand more about your project. Start by simply drawing cameras, digital video recorder, monitors, servers, poles, brackets and other components in your CCTV system.

While you are drawing you may identify extra bits and pieces that you need in addition to your initial plan. Also, it will help you to spot any challenges that you may about to face. For example voltage drop, thick brick walls to run cables, metal components and etc.

Detailed drawing – Try to add everything that you require in your drawing, for example things like small brackets, monitor brackets, cabinets and etc.

Once you have your final drawing, now you can start to write a purchase order list. By organising correctly you can save money in courier charge and other variable costs.

When you are preparing the quotation add all proposed CCTV components, brands and product warranty information.

Labour cost of a CCTV installation is slightly tricky. As different companies have their different ways in quoting for labour hours, I would suggest you to quote by number of days. You have to specify the estimated number of days and cost per day.

It is very important to add how customer will benefit by proposed CCTV system and how the system will operate and what customer will achieve.

You should add your company’s legal terms and conditions and payment plan.