How can i connect cctv to internet?

It has become very common to view CCTV through internet. Many CCTV installers are not confident with IT or network. Most common question they ask is how can I connect CCTV to internet? Well, the answer is not that short or simple. But it is not difficult, you should understand that we are not trying to learn network, we just need to know how we can use it in CCTV installation.

There are many ways to you connect your DVR to internet, this article will explain how we can connect it using LAN connection.

Step 1: prepare a check list. Take some time to prepare a check list, as this will help you to be more organised. You should have access to router (password and username), CAT5 cable, laptop, RG45 or CAT5 tester and any CD that came with the DVR.

Step 2: make sure that the router is connect to the DVR. You may have to run CAT5 cable from router to DVR or decide do wireless. If you are planning to connect via wireless, you should use wireless extenders.

Step 3: decide an IP address for DVR. You can use “ping” function. In windows click start and run “cmd”, then type ping an IP address in the same network class. E.g. ping

If you do not receive any response and if it says host unreachable, you can use this number.

Now, go to DVR and input the chosen IP address, subnet mask and default Gateway. You will find the default gateway from command prompt.

Step 4: Deciding a port number. Your port range is 0-65535, log into the router by using default gateway (router IP address). Default gateway is the router IP address. You will be prompt to put username and password. This is normally unchanged at domestic properties, if it has been changed, you should get them from the customer.

Step 5: Open a service type or an application with TCP protocol for decided port range.

Finally check your IP address from local area network and also, ask someone to check from outside the local area network. If you have a 3G smart phone, you can check it by using it.

I believe that you have understood the answer for your question “how can i connect cctv to internet

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