Home automation and security

Home Automation & Security

Are you dreaming of a smart home system, but unsure of where to start or how it works. You’ve come to the right place.

Smart home or home automation is nothing new, but a recent boom in the smart mobile industry has driven a huge demand for home automation products and applications. Big names like Apple, Google, GE and Microsoft have started introducing smart home devices.

ADT, a leading provider of security systems in the UK have recently surpassed the 2 million customer milestone for its groundbreaking Pulse interactive security platform. Introduced in 2010, ADT Pulse was the first mass market security and home automation platform in the UK.

What can you do with smart apps?

What about a web-connected¬†washing machine and dryer, which sends text alerts? or a coffee machine that makes a lovely¬†cappuccino automatically? There’s absolutely no limit to what you can get from a smart home.