GPRS and mobile communication in CCTV

There are some security applications that demand for the data to be passed to a central server from a remote device. This can be a DVR, attendance control system, sensors, anpr (automatic number plate recognition) or any form of security device. For example, remote monitoring centres need a data feed from DVR’s, cameras, sensors and etc. to monitor a specific place. There are some places where it is difficult to use wired communication and using a wireless communication path is a common alternative.

When it comes to wireless communication, GPRS, 3G, 4G technologies can serve as best options available. It has become more achievable to send signals from a vehicle to a remote centre. This is what lot of retailers use in their logistics system. Same as a broadband router, cellular 3G and 4G routers connect Ethernet devices to the internet using mobile networks. There are a lot of companies which are starting to provide this service. Wireless logic has been in the market for some time and provides good customer support.

I would strongly recommend you to conduct good research. The diagram below illustrates the connection between video surveillance system and monitoring centre.