future-proof CCTV solution

Future-proof CCTV solution

Bosch introduces future-proof CCTV solution. The camera is constructed as number modules, making it easier to for future expansions. This is an IP module is the first of its kind, which allows you to change the modules. The CPU modules include advanced functions like privacy masking, motion detection, object tracking and much more. Camera’s housing can be changed to suit your application and communication module can determine how data and video are transmitted.

This model is very promising for clients who require future-proof CCTV solution.

Key features & benefits

  • Full PTZ functionality with 360° endless pan and 90° tilt provides effective surveillance of a large area
  • Up to HD 1080p resolution is supported, providing detail packed IP CCTV footage
  • True day/night functionality provides round-the-clock surveillance of outdoor areas
  • 30x optical zoom enables real-time investigation of regions of interest
  • 16x digital zoom allows close-up images to be obtained for evidential purposes
  • Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction improves video quality in low-light environments and reduces bandwidth by up to 50%
  • Privacy masking provides 24 configurable masks to prevent unwanted activity from being recorded
  • Motion detection alarms can be configured to enhance scene awareness for reliable surveillance
  • H.264, MJPEG and area-based encoding help to manage and reduce storage and bandwidth levels
  • Support for PoE+ helps simplify installation
  • Edge recording to MicroSD card (not included) provides a backup solution in the case of network connection failure
  • Optional integrated, high-efficiency LEDs illuminate up to 180m – enhancing night-vision