Fire Alarm Installation Training

Fire Alarm Installation Training

Our Fire Alarm Installation Training provides knowledge to join one of the UK’s most lucrative industries. The UK fire alarm industry is growing at a great pace even in bad economy downturn. This is because safety is not to be compromised. Any business which employs five or more staff must have an appropriate fire alarm system in place.

Who is it for?

Our Fire Alarm Installation course is aimed at individuals who want to pursue a career in the fire alarm industry as a fire alarm engineer, designer, fire alarm sales person and other fire alarm related occupations.

What does the fire alarm installation course consist of?

The five-day course is a comprehensive structured program to ensure you get the best from your time in becoming a fire alarm professional. The course will consist of five main units, which are explained in the table below.

Day 1
  • Introduction to fire alarm systems
  • Understanding fire alarm components
  • British standards
  • Practical assembly of a fire alarm panel
Day 2
  • Design of a fire alarm system
  • Categories in fire alarm systems
  • Risk assessment
  • Fire codes: BS5839 Part 1: 2002
  • Practical steps to maintenance planning
  • Installing addressable automatic detectors
Day 3
  • Different types of detectors
  • Installing break glass call points
  • Wiring different fire alarm category systems
  • Backup battery calculations
Day 4
  • Using correct connectors and enclosures in wiring
  • Setting zones and loops
  • Setting sounders and bases
  • Fault finding with components
  • Performing walk tests
  • Testing each loops
Day 5
  • Commissioning the system
  • Completing the relevant paperwork
  • Issuing the certificates
  • Maintenance of the system


Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you will be awarded with a certificate in Fire Alarm Installation.

Any supports for students?

We have worked with many local fire alarm installers and blue chip companies. Our trainers have many years experience in fire alarm installation. We can provide you guidance in becoming a member of BAFE, NSI and SSIAB.

Can I become an approved fire alarm installer?

Yes, at the completion of the course. Our experienced tutors can guide you to become an approved fire alarm installer.

Do you have any student testimonials?

Fire Alarm Installation Course - 5 days training!

Shpend Ramaj was working as an electrician at WCPM Enterprise Limited. He always wanted to pursue a career in fire alarm installation. By doing our practical Fire Alarm Installation Training for five days, he is now confident and ready to be a fire alarm installer.

What does the job market demand from a fire alarm engineer?

Previous work-related experience or knowledge is required, for example electrical background or experience as a trainee fire alarm engineer.

Most employers require training in designing, installing and maintaining. Training from a vocational school such as F R Joseph Anton Limited is an advantage.

On the job training is another popular method of recruitment in this industry.

What are the normal tasks of a fire alarm engineer?

It really depends on the size and corporate culture of your employer. Usually in large companies different tasks will be assigned to different individuals. Sales people are given the responsibility to do all customer service and risk assessment. In small companies, you may be expected to do everything on your own.

You will be expected to:

  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Fire alarm plans
  • Mount control panels, detectors, feed cables through, position detectors and wiring
  • Once system is fully installed, performing testing
  • Commission the system
  • Test backup batteries, sirens, detectors, sounders and other components to diagnose any malfunctions
  • Prepare all relevant paperwork and issue certificates
  • Locate loose connections or broken insulation in a fire alarm system
  • Maintain a log book with all activities along with users
  • Deal with any paperwork or certificates resulted by modification to the existing system


What salary level am I expecting?

It depends on your employer, as a trainee you can expect anything between £18,000-£35,000. Factors such as your previous experience and qualifications will be a big influence.

Please check job sites for further information.

Do you want to start new career as fire alarm engineer or want to know more about this course?

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