EOL wiring in Burglar Alarm Installation

EOL wiring in Burglar Alarm Installation

What is EOL wiring?

The EOL is an end of line resistor wiring in burglar alarm installation. An end of line resistor is used to monitor the tamper circuit of an alarm system.

What is a double pole wiring in an alarm system?
Two circuits are deployed to monitor tamper and alarm.

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EOL is the end of line resistor wiring in burglar alarm installation. When a┬ásensor is wired with control panel end of line resistors are used in order to monitor alarm and tamper circuits. In past, it was common to wire a sensor with double pole technique. By using this technique you should run a separate circuit for a tamper and a separate circuit for alarm (contacts). Two wires will be connected to the tamper terminals in a sensor and it will be wired back to panel’s tamper circuit. By deploying this technique a dedicated tamper circuit is used to identify any tamper fault. ┬áMost of grade 1 panels use this technique and the advantage is that installers do not have to use resistors.

But the major disadvantage is that all tamper circuits are connected to a single tamper zone in the panel. This will make it harder to identify the location of the tamper fault. In a small intruder alarm installation, this is an easy way install intruder alarm. Installers can install the system much faster compared to any other techniques used in intruder alarm.

EOL resistors

End of line resistors is used in panels which are grade 2 or above. The idea is to monitor each tamper circuit separately. By installing a resistor for tamper at the end of the circuit, a panel can monitor tamper circuit. In Honeywell Galaxy panel G2, panel use 2K resistor where 1K is used for alarm circuit and 1K is used for tamper circuit. It also minimises the amount of cable used. You only require 4 core cable for each PIR’s, one pair for power and one pair for tamper and alarm.

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