CCTV Training Courses

CCTV training courses

This course will provide you with all the necessary practical skills to start a successful career in the CCTV industry. According to the deputy chief constable of Cheshire, Graeme Gerrard, there are 1.85 million CCTV cameras in the UK. This number includes 33,433 cameras operated by local authorities, 115,000 cameras in public transit and 1.7m CCTV cameras in private ownership (source: Gerrard Thompson, 2011). What this means to us is this is a lucrative market and the opportunities are high. As we all know, we live in a dynamic economy where our present jobs may be in risk so it is a good idea to grow an alternative income stream.

If you are a person who is not scared of working hard and getting rewarded then CCTV may be the right choice for you.

I know little about CCTV, where do I start in CCTV training course?

First of all, you have to be convinced you want to pursue a career in CCTV installation. There are many CCTV training courses and books available on the market. We provide two CCTV training courses, CCTV Installation & Maintenance and Advance CCTV Installation with Network.

If you know very little about CCTV and want to get some professional experience under your belt, we would recommend you join our CCTV installation & maintenance course. This course provides you with a wider knowledge in CCTV, including CCTV cameras, lenses, video compression, network and PTZ. At the completion of this CCTV training course, you will be able to design, install and maintain any CCTV system from one to 60 cameras.

Our Advance CCTV Installation with Network course is designed for CCTV professionals to get a better understanding about IP CCTV and constructing large CCTV systems. You should have a proven track of record, or you should have completed the CCTV Installation & Maintenance course with us to enroll on this training course.

Why can’t I do the advance CCTV course to start?

Advance CCTV training course is designed by taking into consideration a student’s prior knowledge in CCTV. In this CCTV training course we will not cover any fundamental CCTV installations or basic techniques. If you are new to CCTV you will not understand advance techniques in CCTV. Therefore we advise you to select the right training course for your current ability.

Can I learn everything in just two days?

In our CCTV Installation & Maintenance course, you will learn everything which you require to install from one to 60 cameras and successfully manage them. We do not over book our classrooms and we train students in smaller groups, which enables us to deliver quality education.

How many students have successfully completed this CCTV training course?

We have trained more than 400 students. We work with local and national companies, such as Tesco engineers, Portnalls Group, Satellite Vision and many more.

Do you have any successful student testimonials?

We are proud some of our students are doing really well in the CCTV industry and we are happy to share it.

Vision Satellite UK – owner/director – Robert

Robert was trained from our centre and owns and runs a successful CCTV business.

Portnalls Group – Steve –

Steve manages CCTV installation for the Portnalls Group.

What are the course contents?

Please visit our CCTV Installation and Maintenance page for course contents.

Is any support provided to start or get a job in the CCTV industry?

We do not provide job placements, however we can offer industry experience on a voluntary basis. We also provide business start up support for individuals who want to start their own company.

What next?

If you want to join our next batch of CCTV training course, please contact us.