BNC connectors and crimping tools

BNC connectors and crimping tools The BNC is a widely used connector in CCTV installations. The BNC, or Bayonet-Neil-Concelman, connector was named after its original designer Bayonet-Neil-Concelman. It is a popular connector used in CCTV installations. There are different types of BNC connectors, and three of the most popular types of BNC connectors are: 3

Remote View Setup in a CCTV System

Remote View Setup in a CCTV System In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to set up your CCTV cameras in a way that enables you to view images remotely via desktops or your mobile phone. This is hugely beneficial for anyone interested in purchasing an affordable CCTV system from a high street store,

Cube High Definition Hybrid Video Recorder

Cube High Definition Hybrid Video Recorder Cube Full HD hybrid video recorders provides maximum scene coverage while minimizing bandwidth and storage consumption, redefining the industry standard for high-definition CCTV system. A powerful addition to Cube’s best-in-class, the Cube Full HD HVR (Hybrid video recorder), when coupled with the Cube video surveillance system featuring user friendly

Latest In CCTV Technology

Latest In CCTV Technology CCTV is not a strange device for we Brits, we have the most number of CCTV in Europe. There are almost 2 million CCTV cameras in the UK and a national database for automated numberplate recognition, currently has 17 billion CCTV video footages. Few years back, CCTV video footages were stored

Active X in CCTV system

Active X in CCTV system CCTV installation is a fast growing industry all throughout the world, western countries were the first to introduce and now followed the rest of the world. This has helped lot of engineers to pursue a career in CCTV installation. However, CCTV installation is not a very straight forward job, as