Wireless Access Control System

Wireless Access Control System SMARTair™ is a wireless access control system. It is a perfect choice for companies looking for a state of the art access control system. SMARTair™ is a wireless access control system, which allows seamless expansion.   Key benefits of a Wireless Access Control System Cost effective Easy maintenance Shorter project life cycle

Access Control Installation Training

Access Control Installation Training Access control refers to security measurements in place to restrict or control access to a certain physical location. Systems known as Access Control will decide who can access a specific premise and have predefined privileges. This overview explains the basic components in an Access Control system and equipments used in controlling

Access Control Courses

Access control courses Course fee: Special fee for first 10 students £150.00 Normal fee: £200.00 Course duration: | 1 Day | Max. 5 Candidates Start date: 02/06/2012 Please call us on 020 8301 8389 aor 077 2441 9413 This course provides participants with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to kick start a career in