Intruder Alarm Installation Checklist

Intruder Alarm Installation Checklist If an alarm system is not correctly installed or maintained, it can lead to false alarm activations. An ineffective intruder alarm system can lead to the withdrawal of the police response.                 Intruder Alarm Installation Checklist Inspecting and testing Detection circuit All detection circuits

Using Fiber-optic cables for CCTV installation

Using Fiber-optic cables for CCTV installation What is Fiber-optic cable? A fiber optic cable is a network cable made of strands of glass fibers covered by insulated casing. Fiber-optic is an ideal cable to use for a long distance data transmission with high bandwidth.  Why should I use Fiber-optic in CCTV application? Fiber-optic cable can carry large files,

Wireless Access Control System

Wireless Access Control System SMARTair™ is a wireless access control system. It is a perfect choice for companies looking for a state of the art access control system. SMARTair™ is a wireless access control system, which allows seamless expansion.   Key benefits of a Wireless Access Control System Cost effective Easy maintenance Shorter project life cycle

Abbreviations used in CCTV

Abbreviations used in CCTV The following abbreviations appear in this Code of Practice: ATEX Explosive Atmospheres (from ATmosphères Explosives) BS  British Standard BSI British Standards Institution BSIA British Security Industry Association CAD Computer Aided Design / Draughting CAST (Home Office) Centre for Applied Science and Technology CCTV Closed Circuit Television CENELEC Comité Européen de Normalisation