Cable installation in burglar alarm

The most important point to consider is alarm installation is cable running. The major factor is to hide the cables in a tidy manner. Especially when you install an alarm system in a domestic or commercial place where the system is fixed after the place has been built and decorated. It may not be very important as domestic in a commercial or industrial place, but when it comes to domestic it is very important that you hide the cables.

The following points will help you in running alarm cables.

Under carpets

As alarm cable do not carry high voltage or current, they can be run under carpets. It is often run on the inside of the carpet gripper. Cable can be run between carpet gripper and carpet underlay. Extra care should be taken cables do not get caught spikes used by carpet gripper, this can cause short circuit and it will hard to trace them later.

It is advisable that cable is run along the edge of the wall and across the room.

Surface cabling

Where there is no carpet and if cable should be run up on the wall, you can use correct size sticky truncking. These type of truncking can be bought from local hardware stores. Make sure you run as much as close to door frames to avoid obvious notice of cables.


 Alarm cable run