British standards in CCTV installation

British standards in CCTV installation

Key elements in BS8418:2003 for CCTV installers

The new BS standards came into effect in July 2011, according to this standard CCTV installers should comply with the following code of practices.

  • Any CCTV remote monitoring system should be installed with components meeting new BS standards. You should refer to the equipment supplier for reference and details about their equipment’s.
  • Installers and customers should agree on a proposed CCTV system in accordance with BS standard sub clause 4.1 and this should be documented and acknowledge by both parties.
  • New provisions are given for wireless CCTV video transmission in sub clause 4.2.4 – we shall discuss about this in “CCTV wireless” article.
  • Two data transmission path need to provided, an extra cable should be run parallel with live cable.
  • Digital recorder should meet BS standard BS 8495, if the video footages are going to be used as evidence. This is not similar to CE mark.
  • When main power is disconnected, an uninterrupted power supply should be provided and it should last for at least 4 hours. If the system is using a standby generators, than UPS should provide power for at least 30 minutes.
  • Power supplies for detectors needs to monitor on a regular basis and any faults should be reported to ARC or monitoring premises.
  • Commissioning the system need to compliance with new BS standard and checklist provided in BS standard.
  • Owner or user should acknowledge in writing for user training, user manuals and any RF devices (fobs, tags, PIN).

Other BS standards related to CCTV installation.

  • BS 7671 – Requirements for electrical wiring
  • BS 5979 – remote centre receiving signals
  • BS 7858 – Security screening for individual employed in security environment
  • BS 8495 – Digital CCTV recording systems for the purpose of image export to be used as evidence should follow the code of practice
  • BS 50132-7 – CCTV system and alarm system used security application.

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