Intruder Alarm Installation


In a world of startling change, the role of a security device can not be underestimated. The world today is more secure and more vulnerable than in the most of its long history. Increasing crime rates and fast changing technology mean that the tools we use to fight against the crimes should be also the latest and the modern. Intruder alarm has been a popular tool deployed by households and commercial enterprises to protect lives and belongings for many years.

Installing a DIY burglar alarm

Installing a DIY burglar alarm

Intruder alarm or burglar alarm systems are designed to detect any intrusion into a building or area, intruder alarm systems are very common with schools, shops, offices, government buildings, residences and many other places against burglary, property damage and also to protect lives.

The modern day intruder alarm systems can be connected to an alarm receiving centre, mobile phones, land lines and etc.

How does an intruder alarm work?

There are different types of intruder alarm systems used in the market, however, most of these intruder alarm systems work in a similar way. In general intruder alarm systems can be a standalone device or a system controlled by a centre unit or known as panel.

Standard alone intruder alarm system

Stand alone intruder alarm systems are very popular tools among the DIY enthusiast and they are very cheap to buy and install. Most of the DIY stand alone kits are battery operated and come with very clear installation manual.

DIY intruder alarm system

DIY intruder alarm kits are very popular in the UK, it covers almost 60% of the domestic intruder alarm market. These DIY alarm kits are easy to install and mostly wireless, hence you only need some basic skills to use power drills and screwdrivers.
Yale alarm is a popular make in the UK, they also do a professional kit which conforms to British alarm standard BS50131. 

Professional wireless intruder alarm systems

The professional wireless intruder alarm kits also give you a hassle free installation, but without compromising the quality. These wireless alarm systems provide two-way wireless technology with battery power, all devices in a wireless kit including detectors can work as a transmitter and also as a receiver, this technique allows them to implement a double knock feature.

Course Information

Cube Award in Intruder Alarm Installation – level 3 Accredited by NCFE

The level 3 Award in Intruder Alarm installation course is designed for those who are looking to pursue a career in Intruder Alarm installation. This course will give you a solid understanding of how intruder alarm circuits work and how to wire an intruder alarm system compliance with recommended British standards.

At the successful completion of this course, you are expected to install intruder alarm systems for small businesses, domestic properties, and medium size businesses.

The course will provide you with a solid grounding in all areas of Intruder Alarm installation; teaching you relevant, practical skills and professional standards within the workplace and giving you an understanding of intruder installation in a business context.

Course content

The course is taught as a blended practical session with an emphasis on British standards for Intruder Alarm design and installation (BS501301).

The course is divided into five units and to gain your final Cube level 3 Award in Intruder Alarm installation you must complete five units:

Unit 1 – Introduction to Intruder Alarm
Unit 2 – System circuitry and intruder alarm
Unit 3 – Intruder alarm system designing
Unit 4 -Practical wiring of an Intruder alarm system
Unit 5 -Inspection testing and commissioning of an intruder alarm system

What is included:
❏ A copy of the official Cube Training textbook
❏ High-quality tutoring from experienced practitioners
❏ Hands-on experience training
❏ Downloadable course materials and supporting resources
❏ Assignment marking and thorough feedback from professional tutors