How to connect an autodialler to alarm panel

Autodialler or speech dialler is an important element in an alarm system. When an alarm signal is triggered, it can dial a pre-programmed number and send pre-programmed voice messages. For example when a smoke detector is activated, it can call a number and say “There is a fire alarm at the premises” and if an intruder alarm is triggered then it should say “Intruder in the premises”. This feature give more details about the alarm signal.

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How to wire a speech dialler with alarm panel

In most of the modern day alarm panels, you will find trigger heads. These trigger heads are often with 100mV power output. These trigger heads can programmed to response to an alarm call. For example in Honeywell and Texecom alarm panels there are eight trigger heads. All trigger heads are programmable via keypad.


Hard-wiring of a speech dialler with an alarm panel

4 core alarm cable can be used to wire a speech dialler with an alarm panel. Speech dialler can be powered from normal auxiliary terminals (In many alarm panels these terminals are used to power detectors). In order to trigger the heads in the speech dialler, you should first understand how these heads work. In this example we will take cooper SD1+ speech dialler, there are four terminals for triggering alarm conditions A,B, C and D.


Programming trigger heads

In order to make different voice messages for different trigger heads, you should record four different voice messages. For example Fire, Intruder, Panic and Fault, lets say you program A as Fire. You should connect A with fire trigger head from the panel. As soon as a smoke detector is activated, panel will trigger fire head and as it is connected with speech dialler A which is fire, it will dial the programmed number and play that voice message.