Do I need to know anything about electrical installation to install intruder alarm system?. The answer is yes and no, in order to learn or install an intruder alarm system, you don’t have to have an electrical qualification. When I say, electrical qualification, I am referring to the 17th edition and so on. However, you having some electrical background will definitely help you. Let’s face it, if you are looking to pursue a career in intruder alarm, having some electrical knowledge or acquiring it will make you a confident alarm installer.

This article will explain about some of the frequently used terms in the electrical world. The five basic electrical quantities and the units by which they are measured.


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The unit of electrical charge (the quantity of excess electrons) is called the coulomb (C). Although this large unit is seldom used in calculations, it is important because it is the basis for the definition of other units.



Ampere (amp) is a unit used in measuring electron flow. It is units of coulomb passes a given point on a wire per second. It is called current and represented by symbol I. When you buy alarm components it will have two Ampere rate, one at active and the other at standby mode.



A resistance to an electric current flow is called the ohm. It is measured Ohm, at 1 volt how many Ω will maintain the current of 1 amp. Resistors are used in an alarm system to identify open, close and tampered circuit.



Volt is represented by symbol V or E, it is the force of electromotive that will cause 1 amp to flow via 1 Ω. In an intruder alarm installation, motherboard throw certain voltage to monitor each zones, when electors are triggered, the voltage is changed via resistors.



Electrical power is measured by Watt, there is one watt power 1  Ω with current flow of 1 amp. The unit of electrical power is the watt (W). The formula for measuring watt is Watt = I x V

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