Connecting a RIO with Intruder Alarm Panel

When connecting an expander in an intruder alarm system, there are a few things to look for. Voltage drop is a main issue when cables are connected for a longer distance. In this case, you can double up the power cable’s to increase the thickness of it. Normal alarm cables have a resistance of 8Ω per every 100m. In order for you to do this you may have to purchase 6 core or 8 core alarm cables. Installing a local power supply is another way to resolve this issue, remember to common the two negatives.

The output expanders have programmable outputs and these outputs can be used to drive auxiliary devices such as sounders, relays and LED. These expanders can be addressed by using dip switches. Zone expanders can also be wired using the same technique, however unlike output expanders zone expanders need programming.

Premier Elite RM8

Each alarm panel manufacturer would have a manual which will explain about programming a zone expander.

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