Axis IP cameras P12 – Power over Ethernet

Axis IP cameras P12 – Power over Ethernet


CCTV today has changed a lot in comparison to what it was ten years back, lot of customers prefers to have an IP cameras fitted instead of a normal analog camera. What still drive analog cameras to sell is price factor, analog cameras are generally lot cheaper compared to an IP camera. In recent days there are many cheap IP cameras have come to the consumer market. Some of these IP camera’s prices start as little as £40.00 per one. Lot of the customers are confused in deciding what camera to buy.

In this article we will look into some of the well known IP cameras in the market and compare them with generic IP cameras. One of the oldest names in IP surveillance market is Axis, Axis is a Swedish based company and first one to enter into IP CCTV world in 1990’s. Axis has a global presence and has more than 1,600 employees and 70 distributors worldwide.

Axis P12 network camera is a latest addition to it IP entry level camera portfolio. Axis P12 camera is a miniature IP camera with 720p resolution. This can be easily fitted into place like bank ATM’s, retail, doorways and other type of business places.

Axis P12 uses ¼” type CMOS sensor, comes in three different lens types 3.7mm, 2.8mm & 1.56mm for wider view.  Video compression is H.264, which is pretty standard in many IP cameras. It gives good frames per second, 25 to 30 fps in H.264 is very good. Axis P12 provides encryption options, it can be password protected.

As far as the storage is concern, it can be recorded on a SD card and the maximum is 64 GB or on a NAS storage device.

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