Alarm Installation Training

Alarm Installation Training

Career in intruder or burglar alarm installation

In an economy downturn, there are few industries which will grow faster than others. Alarm installation is certainly one of them. It is logical to understand when the crime level is expected to increase; public and businesses will pay more attention to their security requirements.

If you are thinking of starting an alarm installation company, this may be the best time to do so. Before you start your business, you should gain the right skills to run a business, but more importantly you should be a master of your chosen field. This is not easy, people spent years and years in order to gain the expertise required by their profession. But, our alarm installation training will provide you with the extensive knowledge in installing and maintaining an alarm system. We have fully equipped classrooms and trained staffs to train you on alarm installation.

Once you have decided to pursue a career in alarm installation, you may need to do some background research about this industry. Alarm is a wider term, there are many components included in an alarm system. An alarm system can be compared to a human body, all of our body parts are controlled by our brains, similarly, a typical system may include an alarm panel which controls and monitors all other components.

In an alarm system, everything is controlled and monitored via current flow. There are few people which insist all alarm installers should have an electric qualification. But, you do not need to be an electrician to design and install alarms, however you should seek for a professional electrician to connect the system to the main power. In another words, if you are an electrician you have an advantage. In our alarm installation training course, we will highlight some solutions to this issue if you are not an electrician.

Our alarm installation training is a practical course which we have trained more than 150 students in and helped them to obtain approved alarm installer status. You will learn about different types of wiring and different alarm components and how to design, wire, commission and maintain an intruder alarm system.

Alarm Installation Training Course Contents

  • Alarm system circuitry
  • Alarm detection devices
  • Power supplies
  • Intruder alarm control equipment
  • Signalling systems and confirmed alarms
  • Intruder alarm wiring system
  • Commissioning, testing and maintaining the system

Course title: Alarm Installation Training

Course duration: Two days

Course venue: F.R. Joseph Anton Limited

9 Gunnery Terrace

Royal Arsenal



SE18 6SW

Course fee: £340.00

At the completion of the Alarm Installation Training course, we expect the students to have a solid understanding about intruder alarms and how to assemble a system.