Active X in CCTV system

Active X in CCTV system

CCTV installation is a fast growing industry all throughout the world, western countries were the first to introduce and now followed the rest of the world. This has helped lot of engineers to pursue a career in CCTV installation. However, CCTV installation is not a very straight forward job, as it requires you to be have a understanding of various disciplines. For example, as a CCTV engineer you should also know the basics of networking and security, if not you are going to struggle with CCTV networking. Many CCTV installers have now learned basic networking and this is great news, but they often come across Active X plug-in. What is Active X, and why can’t I see my CCTV videos? These are some of frequently asked by installers.

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This article explains what Active X is, and the relationship between Active X and CCTV remote settings. Active X is a Microsoft created software framework this enables some programs to work with Windows platform. Internet Explorer in general is not programmed to download or run Active X, you may have to enable this function by going to tools – options and security.

When DVR’s (digital video recorder) were designed most of them were designed to work with internet explorer, as it was the largest player in the browser market. Therefore, DVR software vendors write their own Active X and install them in the server (DVR) or provide a CD with active X installed.

The first challenge is to install active X. Once your local area network is configured and when trying to access the server, you should be directed to install Active X plungin. With some DVR’s you  can then install straight from the DVR or in most DVR’s, you will need to install it via a CD ROM.

Active X can make changes to your hard drive, most active x plug-ins are harmless however some of them can be harmful to your system. Therefore it is advisable you always install a reputed DVR brand.

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