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3G wireless or wired access control system works by TCP/IP protocols, access control system can be connected to wired or wireless router for data transmission and alarm inputs. As they are connected to a router, they can be controlled via internet with a static IP or DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server).
There are some significant differences between 3G based access control board and traditional TCP/IP access control board:

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access control system wireless

1. Automatic adaption to wired or wireless router –

In 3G access controls, board can automatically adapt to 3G wireless or traditional wired routers, and this will make the installation much easier and less time consuming. Installers can select the right technology based on customer’s local conditions.

2. Interactive and real time data transmission –

Data transmission between host and devices happens in real time, which means all recorded events could be uploaded and configurations can be downloaded immediately. In traditional TCP/IP access control system this will be relied upon on queries, and this will result in long responding time.
3. Fully centralised and need just one system to control all –

Unlike most traditional TCP/IP based access control system, 3G RFID has no maximum control limit. As this is highly centralized, head office can run queries and produce report with one system rather than running multiple systems with different softwares.

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